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It's never the news

You are concerned with

Or the funnies

Or the ads

You couldn't care less

For the op Ed

Or the fads

But when I open to

The crossword

Then suddenly it changes

With my pen poised

You decide its time

To sit upon the pages

While I'm trying to

Work through the answer

To 'one down'

You see the opportune time

To come and wander 'round

And plant your furry

Rear end on

The middle of the spread

Unfurl your tail,

Flop down,

And cover the puzzle

With your head.

Only crosswords

Seem to draw you in

This way

To make you Bogart me

When I'm enjoying

Word play

It's a weird, linguistic magnet

Which you can't resist-

That you're compelled

To sleep on to of-

You and it can't coexist

Yet, you don’t expect

Cross words

You presume

Just strokes and pats

As you replace

What I was doing

With the fluffiness

Of cats

But I might

Just have to lift an edge

And shuffle you to the side

As I've spied around

Your furry paw

The answer to

Question five.

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